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2010-12-10 Satellite imagery of fires in Israel

Satellite map of the fire-stricken Haifa surroundings (Israel). Map made based on IKONOS data from December 4, 2010 (GEOEYE, SCANEX, 2010) A satellite map of the disaster area was used by the Emercom of Russia during their assistance to Israel in fire fighting activities near the Haifa city. Detailed imagery of IKONOS satellite from December 4 was used by ScanEx specialists to prepare and provide a satellite map of the fire-stricken area to the Russian EMERCOM, where fire blazes and smoke plumes were detected.

2010-12-09 “East Siberia – Pacific Ocean” main pipeline: data from space

A detailed satellite imagery of a section of the East Siberian pipeline of over 2500 km long (East Siberia – Pacific Ocean pipeline system, VSTO) was successfully carried out. A color-balanced ortho-rectified tiled images were created based on satellite data (scale 1:5000 – 1:10000) that are presented in the thematic geoportal – a web-service with all materials of space imagery available. ScanEx specialists completed the work on Earth observation data reception, processing and creation and support of the web-service. The general customer of the project is the “Vostoknefteprovod” company.

2010-12-04 “Kosmosnimki-Lomonosov” geoportal: the travel of the “Fish Cart-2” project participants can be watched on-line

Fish Cart-2” project participants plan to follow the way that back in 1730 was covered on foot together with the fish cart by the 19-year old Mikhailo Lomonosov to Moscow from his native village of Mishaninskaya (now Lomonosovo village of Kholmogorsk District of Arkhangelsk Region).