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The Earth Educational Collective

We live now in a rapidly changing world. Every day the surface of our planet looks different than yesterday: built-up areas expand, new roads and croplands appear, forests are shrinking, tornados and forest fires come and leave scars after them. Some of the changes cause a remarkable degradation of our environment and living conditions for millions of people. Ironically, human activities often are the engine behind those changes.

Our ability to monitor our planet; seeing the changes, and preventing negative consequences are at unprecedentedly high levels. Hundreds (probably already thousands) satellites observe our planet from space with various instruments day and night. Records going back a few decades are available in archives, allowing trained individuals the ability to spot the long-term trends. The satellite images and the software tools needed for their processing are today widely available and often for free. In the recent past remote sensing data analysis was the sole privilege of militaries and scientists only. Today school students can assess, process, and study this data to monitor their neighborhood or any remote location on Earth.

Our project offers training of several student teams from the US and Russia on the proper handling of remote sensing data, analysis of the environment in certain areas, and presenting their findings in a digital format. We plan that each team (Russian, American, or mixed) will implement an education research project in environmental monitoring and present their results online before End-March, 2022. Since November, 2021 we scheduled a series of lectures, webinars, and online discussions on the issue.

Quick intro to satellite images & digital maps

This is a short introductory course of 14 short videos explaining the basics of remote sensing and GIS (geographic information systems) with open and easy online tools.

Longer lectures on particular topics

Here is the collections of longer lectures on some particular topics given during the Earth Educational Collective project in 2021-2022.

Teaching videos by the EEC participants

Some basics of the online tools granting access to satellite images of the world are presented and explained by the EEC participants.

Projects by the EEC participants

The presentaions of the satellite images based projects conducted jointly by the participants.

Interactive maps with the EEC spatial data

Interactive maps made by both, participants and the project team.