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“East Siberia – Pacific Ocean” main pipeline: data from space

A detailed satellite imagery of a section of the East Siberian pipeline of over 2500 km long (East Siberia – Pacific Ocean pipeline system, VSTO) was successfully carried out. A color-balanced ortho-rectified tiled images were created based on satellite data (scale 1:5000 – 1:10000) that are presented in the thematic geoportal – a web-service with all materials of space imagery available. ScanEx specialists completed the work on Earth observation data reception, processing and creation and support of the web-service. The general customer of the project is the “Vostoknefteprovod” company.

- Within three months in a row we have been working with operational and library satellite data. Basically within one calendar month – from August 29 and till October 6 – before the first snow we managed to take images of over 60% of the territory, “filling the gaps” of the other sections of the pipeline with archived images. Taking into account the climate conditions of the area, where the VSTO pipeline runs, getting the cloud-free images of almost all the AOI can be considered a sort of “Russian record” in operational work with data received from space, - says Mikhail Zimin, the leading specialist of the Software Development and Satellite Data Processing Department of ScanEx RDC.

To create tiled images, covering the area of the pipeline of over 2500 km long, the data from GeoEye-1, IKONOS, SPOT 5, IRS-P5 (Cartosat-1), WorldView-1, WorldView-2, QuickBird and ALOS satellites were used, as well as ScanEx Image Processor software application. The thematic geoportal runs on GeoMixer technology, which ensures an easy and quick data access.