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The river valley of lower Pechora River



The forests at their northern edge the river valley of lower Pechora River in the boundary of Nenets Autonomous District and the Komi Republic, Russia, near the town of Velikovisochnoe. The boggy Pechora River valley is bright magenta in this image and is very distinctive. The numerous river branches and small lakes are visible. The surrounding landscapes on river terraces are also mainly dominated by peat bogs (bright green, light yellow) but these wetlands are of totally different types than those in the valley (more oligotrophic and sphagnum dominated). The sparse forests on their northern edge have olive and dark green colors in this image. Eastwards from the river there are visible wetlands with many small lakes and small hills (olive green spots) of permafrost process origin.

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Northern European Russia

Valuable nature areas

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Landsat 8

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Transparent World

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