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Logging frontier and Pinezhcky Strict Nature Reserve



Logging frontier, moving over the intact forest landscape and stopped at the boundary of the Strict Scientific Nature Reserve (Pinezhsky Zapovednik), west of the town of Pinega, Arkhangelsk Region, Russia. Dark olive green marks the old-growth forests Ц spruce forests, or aspen, birch and spruce forests. Birch and aspen forests are displaying as brighter green. The intact forests landscape in the eastern part of the image has been strictly protected by Pinezhsky Zapovednik, which is a part of the Russian national system of strict scientific nature reserves (zapoveniks). So, the logging frontier was stopped at the reserve boundary.

A mosaic of forests and wetlands (white, pink, crimson, turquoise, and blue) occupy the center of the image. Clear-cuts (rectangular areas of light orange, pink, and light magenta) and fire scars (crimson and bright magenta spots) are located a little bit north of the center of the image, on both sides of the road. The biggest fire scar is partly inside the boundaries of the reserve. Bright green and light green areas are secondary deciduous forests after clear-cuts, mainly west of the intact landscape.

The southwestern corner of the image shows a typical situation where old-growth forests remain only along the river (due to water protection zones). Occasionally these forest fragments are surrounded by wetlands, which make a natural corridor between the forest fragments and the larger areas of intact forest. Often such river valleys are refuges for endangered species in otherwise damaged landscapes.

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Northern European Russia

Valuable nature areas

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Landsat 8

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