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Intact forest landscape and fire scars in eastern Komi



Intact forest landscape, consisting of fir and spruce forests and mixed deciduous and spruce forests in eastern Komi, east of the town of Ukhta and north of the town of Vuktyl. These intact forests (dark green) are bound with a large wetland system (light yellow, grayish green, turquoise, pink, crimson, and red) in the south and in the east. Here the forests between the wetlands have, for the most part, been logged earlier. In the north and in the west the border of clear-cuts and the following secondary forests (light green) are clearly visible. There are also several fire scars (deep magenta for the recent ones) within or around the intact forest landscape, including some large ones.

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Northern European Russia

Valuable nature areas

Image type:
Landsat 8

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Transparent World